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Individuals with Aspergers (high functioning autism) often find social situations very difficult.

What happened to growing old and passing in your sleep, this is how it's supposed to be in my eyes."Aspies" often have to work at learning these rules.It can often be confusing and cause anxiety as many social rules are unwritten and not spoken about.My niece was stillborn in September and it was heart wrenching, you imagine who that baby was going to become without even starting their life.Then my Dad was taken in October age, 64, again far too early in my eyes.Alternatively, add "Tokotas ARPG" and specify that you wish to be added to the WNOb Rf Wynnc VVGPCOPY AND PASTE THE LINK INTO A SKYPE CHAT AND REMOVE THE SPACES BEFORE POSTING ITIt will be come a clickable link that will add you to the Tokotas Adult Yq HTC5IIf you haven't already been added this should be the correct link for the 16 IMEe Xu Os OSAnd this should be the correct link for the all ages chat. The 16 chat link only gives me a chat that needs to be updated and the updated link skype gives me in the comment writing section goes nowhere...? So I just copy pasted it into a convo me and friend were having and clicked it that way. You will choose three prompts from a list of many depending on the animal that best represents your tokota's soul, and write or draw them.So I'd really appreciate it if someone added me to the chat~~My skype address is [email protected] just Deenath. Those confused by the Chat link 16 , Copy paste it and then place it in a chat/ conversation in one of your skype and then click it. When submitted, you will receive a pass/fail response based on the judging below.Rules General Only one tokota is allowed to enter per prompt (meaning you can depict other tokotas, but no simultaneous entries for Rites of Dominance), unless you are collaborating with another member.In this case, up to two tokotas are allowed to enter at the same time, but they must be doing the same prompts.I would love to hear from other bereaved parents who know what I am going through Hi there, I'm really sorry to see that you lost your daughter to this dreaded disease.I've always thought that losing a child would be the worst of worse.


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