Advantages of dating a married man

For many men, faithfulness is a matter of options and they cheat because they can choose.

It is certainly unwise to categorize every man in the same bracket and you shouldnt expect all men to cheat immediately given the opportunity.

They have security and connection through this men.

But ask yourself if its really worth it, losing your pride and dignity for something so lowly and vain.

They are more caring, for they know how to take care of them and they are always there for them.Source If therapists and drinking buddies got a dime every time they heard the words “he said he wants a divorce,” they’d be swimming in money.But married men who cheat usually don’t want to leave their wives.A woman with even an ounce of pride would NEVER share someone else's husband.If you find yourself on the brink of temptation, look at these 10 truths before you leap: Of all the reasons not to get involved with a married man, the primary one has to be this: it's just plain wrong.There are no positive reasons for dating a married man.Even the good reasons don't stand the test of time and turn out to be bad ideas in good ideas' clothing. If you have eyes for a married guy, you’re probably sitting here looking for every excuse under the sun to rationalize what you’re thinking of doing.Even if a cheater does leave his wife for his side chick, do you think that means he’s changed? Unfortunately, men often cheat because they have an opportunity to.Its obvious that a husband needs to share most of his attention to his family. Many married men are living on the budget, as he needs to pay for bills, mortgage, childs education, insurance and other family-related expenses. Often, he tries to avoid the crowd and visiting popular places in your town, to avoid meeting his friends, relatives, or worse, his wife. Opportunity is often the single most important reason why many men tend to cheat.He wont be available for you on Christmas, Easter and even the St. Everyone sometimes enjoys the pleasure of doing something without others knowledge.


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