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But do we want to be categorized by advertisers, corporations, or governments? These are the questions that are being raised by whistleblowers like Edward Snowden. Starting to feel like you’re getting into a circular argument?

Do you want to be labeled a conservative, liberal or dissenter? I think that at the heart of my issue with algorithms is the fact that they’re closed systems. It’s a bit like the 60’s British show, The Prisoner.

But unlike most men, who might blame their romantic travails on being overweight or living with their parents or women being selfish shallow bitches who just can’t appreciate Nice Guys, Reifman believes his dating woes come from a less expected source:

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The lead character is trapped in a thoroughly pleasant British town, but can’t seem to escape.

Sure algorithms provide us with all these great choices, but you have to wonder if they erect digital walls around our thoughts and actions.


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