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Class Module: 'These constants define the default restoration behaviors for the class Private Const DEFAULT_RESTORE_CALCULATION = True Private Const DEFAULT_RESTORE_DISPLAY_ALERTS = True Private Const DEFAULT_RESTORE_ENABLE_EVENTS = True Private Const DEFAULT_RESTORE_SCREEN_UPDATING = True 'Set this to true to ensure a persisted state is restored, even if the consumer forgets to restore Private Const RESTORE_ON_TERMINATE = True 'Private members stored in a Type Private this As TMembers Private Type TMembers Calculation As Xl Calculation State Display Alerts As Boolean Enable Events As Boolean Screen Updating As Boolean Restore CA As Boolean Restore DA As Boolean Restore EE As Boolean Restore SU As Boolean Is Persisted As Boolean Is Restored As Boolean End Type 'Set the default restoration behaviours on intialize Private Sub Class_Initialize() this. Restore DA End Property Public Property Let Restore Display Alerts(Value As Boolean) this. Likewise the members of the this type, and their usage, were typed in the CR textbox, so abbreviating them was easier than typing them in full without Intellisense.Restore DA = Value End Property Public Property Get Restore Enable Events() As Boolean Restore Enable Events = this. So yes, the Type members should match the property names.

Screen updating is especially important for long-running macros (e.g.

You get several extra worksheet functions in Excel when you have ASAP Utilities installed.

Some of the most asked questions that can be (or have been) solved by using ASAP Utilities.

You can immediately run the utility from within the results window or add it to your Favorites menu by pressing the button or press the ?

button to visit the description and screenshots of the tool on the website.


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