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Those early hours that you used to spend at the gym, have been replaced by morning nursing, early school drop off, or attempting to squeeze in some much needed me-time (or sleep). Learn more about Celebrity Dating Coach Laurel House and how she can help you with your dating life at Laurel Laurel House is an international celebrity Dating and Relationship Coach known for her tough love and no-games coaching style. ’s “Famously Single,” co-host of “The Great Love Debate” podcast on Podcast One, a Dating Coach for Three Day Rule Matchmaking and Cupids Pulse, and she has been a featured expert on KTLA Morning News, E! You may have stretch marks, a bikini-line scar marking your child’s entrance, or you’re carrying some extra weight. You are strong, know what you want and need, aren’t playing games, are a nurturer and caregiver, know how to have fun, are organized, you know how to give to others, and you know how to truly love. Be sure that your attitude, actions, and associations align with all that you want to Become, and soon you will, in fact, BE it. You won’t let yourself get into the jaded mindset of: “I have my child, career and social network, so why go through the motions just to fall for another guy who needs my energy, time and in the end may break my heart? This is something that I call “sticky”- you are a complete, interesting, magnetic, intriguing, alluring, memorable person and you leave others wanting MORE! You are now instilled with traits that are essential for mommy’ing, and are also surprisingly desirable characteristics as a partner. If you are really ready to Make them come true, start being them, acting them, living them! However, you don’t want to get too comfortable being alone and lose the urge to date again. You have a child and that’s a great thing, not a pain point! Take a bubble bath- with candles in the corners, go to the gym and feel sexy as you sweat, buy yourself a new lacy bra, just do SOMEthing that makes you feel like a hot woman (in addition to a hot mama). So, from now on, you will no longer sit back and wait for your dreams to come true.I heard from Asian, Asian-American and many other women about their encounters with this so-called "yellow fever." I even interviewed a Chinese woman who's a yenta for men seeking Asian wives in Silicon Valley. Around 500 BCE, Confucius outlined relationships in which wives looked up to their husbands in perfect harmony.

While I spoke to a lot of aging white men, I also spoke with young hipsters, black men and Latinos who desire Asian women.

It’s time to put some effort into your love life so that you can find love… But before you dive headfirst into the dating pool, you need to be really honest with yourself. A good way to figure that out is to see if you can confidently say the following statements: This is not your fairytale. But you are, and you have come to terms with it, accepted it, and you’re ok with it. You are able to be confidently vulnerable about the reality. You don’t feel like you “should” be out doing things, aren’t ashamed of going to bed at 8pm because you are seriously exhausted, and you don’t feel the need to be attached to your phone so cyber friends can keep you company. Start taking care of and putting effort into yourself again. Be honest with yourself first- that’s your “feeling.” Now make sure to voice, and them act on those feelings- confidently vulnerably and without apology. There are steps and actions that must be taken in order to actualize them.

Strip off your feelings of insecurity, shame, anger, “should,” past pain, or to prove yourself, and allow yourself to come from a place of confident vulnerability. ” As much as the idea of “Dream it and you will Become it” is beautiful, there is a lot more to it than wishing and hoping your dreams to reality.

She believes that Western men are more accepting of this, yet conversely are thought to have poorer family values.

Still, Julia describes the high pressure in Asian societies for women to start families at younger ages than in the West. The myth that Asian women are more submissive rings true for those who have never actually dated an Asian woman.


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