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Film people, like elephants, apparently have short memories, and the grudges that seemed so important two hours earlier had evaporated.I too had forgotten any grumpiness I might have harbored at the beginning.was derailed by improper masking, which means a portion of the image gets sliced off.The audience booed and clapped aggressively to alert the authorities without having to leave their seats.

The band takes their time, with slow tempos, ambient passages that flow into heavier ones. Ilias ANTon In_ARTaud Pavlopoulos A blast from the vast!

Read more (Photos by Bob Boudreau) – Our historic deluge of photos featuring the groovy and awesome 1972 NHRA Le Grandnational held at Sanair Super Speedway in Canada continues! Read more I may write lots of headlines that are on the sensational side, but this title is one hundred percent true. The German version of our American AAA decided to gave a good time and make one of the most interesting crash test videos we have ever seen. Read more Spectator drags are the equivalent of amateur night at the local wrestling joint.

Last year’s RTRA, Radial Tire Racing Association, events at Denton’s Northstar Dragway were some of the record settingest races...

(It had taken forever to get into them in the first place—security at the festival is tighter than ever this year, and the delays are making the press corps unruly.) After that problem had been cleared up, the film began again.

When the Netflix logo came up— is one of two Netflix-produced films screening here in competition—the rabble booed loudly again.


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