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“It may be better to talk about an apparent act of terror or terrorism than label individuals or a group.” When reporting an attack, the BBC guidelines say it should use words which specifically describe the perpetrator such as “bomber”, “attacker”, “gunman”, “kidnapper” or “militant”.

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Ladies: I spend all my time away from London and New York City, surfing the Internet to post hateful comments on athlete forums, and intending to do yoga. Sometimes I fashion pulp fiction meditations, girls! After mating, I gather passports (only those with blue eyes) to use in my confidence work. My teachers shuddered and said I would never find a nonfiction companion for passion and mating.For several years, I've been very impressed with BBC News headlines, both on the main BBC homepage and on its dedicated news page.The average headline consumed a mere 5 words and 34 characters.The amount of meaning they squeezed into this brief space is incredible: every word works hard for its living. Each headline conveys the gist of the story on its own, without requiring you to click.The murderer in an Arsenal shirt can today be named as British extremist Khuram Butt who was filmed unfurling an ISIS flag on national TV and was reported to the police twice but still managed to launch murder on Britain's streets.Butt, 27, a married father of two nicknamed 'Abz' who was born in Pakistan, was so extreme he called fellow Muslims without beards non-believers, would not speak to women directly and was banned from a mosque for berating worshippers for being 'un-Islamic'.That’s much more revealing, we believe, than using a word like terrorist which people will see as value-laden.” Of the Paris case, Mr Kafala said: “We avoid the word terrorists.It’s a terrorist attack, anti-terrorist police are deployed on the streets of Paris.Tarik Kafala, the head of BBC Arabic, the largest of the BBC’s non-English language news services, said the term “terrorist” was seen as “value-laden” and should not be used to describe the actions of the men who killed 12 people in the attack on the French satirical magazine.“We know what political violence is, we know what murder, bombings and shootings are and we describe them.


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