Blind dating review

Despite cell phones and detailed planning, however, the double date falters when only one of the women shows up.

In a cheap hotel room, neither Sandro (Andro Sakhvarelidze) nor Lali (Marika Antadze), his female companion, manage to overcome their awkwardness. The opening scenes of Levan Koguashvili’s set the tone for the first half of this offbeat comedy, superbly scripted by Boris Frumin (with whom the director worked on his previous feature) and Koguashvili himself.

This poker-faced charmer doesn’t boast the kind of stylistic flash or easily encapsulated hook that would magnetize sales interest.

But it certainly merits consideration from offshore arthouse distributors, and could parlay buzz picked up along the fest circuit (including a special jury prize at Abu Dhabi) into a reasonably high profile for such a willfully low-key movie.

Sandro’s friend Iva (Archil Kikodze), a former soccer star, works as a women’s coach at Sandro’s high school.

Perkins)By Christopher Disher With a release limited to only 74 theaters and a domestic gross of just ,560, it's easy to say very few people have seen, or heard of, Blind Dating.

It’s dedicated to reviewing the Guardian’s incredible Blind Date column, which I pretend I loathe but obviously I love it and am obsessed by it. It’s updated every Saturday morning, unless I’m having the day off, which is RARE.

Chris Pine (Danny), Eddie Kaye Thomas (Larry), Anjali Jay (Leeza), Jane Seymour (Dr.

I wonder how life has played out for today’s pairing, Martin, 36 and an energy consultant and 28-year-old Almaz – which was the name of a really famous song (in the ’80s again, what a decade that was, eh? I wonder how many times she had to endure “Almaz, you lucky, lucky thing” over the years – perhaps everyone had forgotten the song by the time she came along.

Anyway, somehow I survived that – and being referred to as “Jason” by mistake at least three times a day – and learned to live with it.


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