Bringing god into a dating relationship

Why would God bring someone into your life but it not work out?

Afraid of "pursuing him," I had ended the email without expressing any sort of interest in him or opening any avenue for him to respond. I quickly typed up a follow-up email asking him a little bit more about what and how he was doing. It was not until later that he told me, "If you had never sent the follow-up email, I would have never written back.

In my mind he was everything a godly guy should be: He loved the Lord, was an active member at his church, served in campus ministry, led a Bible study, mentored other guys, and even got up to attend a once-a-week 6 a.m. I even worked my way to sit next to him at a baseball game. When I got back to my dorm room after the weekend was over, I broke down in tears. I knew I was not supposed to pursue him, but what is a single woman supposed to do?

Now as I look back on that time in my life, I realize I did everything I could have done without crossing the boundary of becoming the "pursuer." Since the man is called to pursue a woman in a dating relationship (Proverbs ), I knew declaring my feelings for him or asking him out on a date would have been wrong. I had met him in high school but had not spoken to him since.

I spent over a year praying earnestly he would like me.

I met him when I was only a freshman in college, and I immediately fell for him. When this young man graduated and went overseas to serve on the mission field, I prayed that when he came back he would fall for me, too. But when I saw him for the first time after his return to the States, my hopes were shattered. When he came to visit mutual friends, I made sure my weekend plans were cleared to spend time with them, but he treated me no differently than he did anyone else.


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