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Like other mobile anti-theft or spyware tools, Cerberus allows device owners to access any file on their phones remotely, as well as to unobtrusively trigger their phone’s camera and microphone.

Van der Meer says the toughest part of the stunt was to actually entice a thief into taking the bait.

His full photo series of the British public at play was released in a hardback book this month, following his previous works which exposed revelry closer to home, England Uncensored and A&E: Alcohol & England.

Sharing is caring: Three men drink through coloured straws from one drink during an afternoon swimming pool party at Club Aqua in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

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According to the hijacking incident of 1969—remember, this happened in early February.Travelling first to all-night party capital San Antonio in Ibiza, he then ventured on to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, to Ayia Napa in Cyprus and lastly Magaluf in Majorca to complete the photography book entitled 'The British Abroad.Alongside the highs of these locations Dench also pictured the lows, with many scenarios showing Brits lying drunk on pavements, downing excessive amounts of alcohol and stumbling down the streets at 5am.He worked with the app maker to rename Cerberus, to make it all the more undetectable.The app was tucked away in the device’s system side, where resets and Sim card swap-outs wouldn’t wipe it away.Here’s the text of that article, which was written by Funt himself and appeared in many newspapers, including the Hijack No Stunt By Allen Funt When the captain of our plane announced that we were going to Havana instead of Miami, at least four people who recognized me pounced on me, certain that it was a Candid Camera stunt. There was a little fat man with a 10-inch knife held at the neck of a stewardess and he was not smiling.Photographer Peter Dench decided to explore four European destinations during the month of June which are notorious for their alcohol-fuelled festivities, to capture these young Brits in their full glory.Young beauties with fine lines and sexy curves, more than willing to not only undress on cam but also masturbate and shake stiff things into their love holes, all for the pleasure and stimulation of their private visitors. The plane never made it to Miami because two men hijacked the airplane and demanded passage to Cuba—but some of the passengers, having spotted Funt, took the whole thing to be a stunt.The club hosts the party each week during the season for tourists and seasonal British workers Family holiday: Two Swedish friends on the The Party Crewís, Letís.Tourists can expect a welcome cocktail, five free shots, a visit to four popular party bars and two free entrances to clubs.


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