Catholic dating an atheist

there are a plethora of issues that can cause a breakup. She got upset over that so reluctantly I went every now and again.

our breakup had nothing to do with the clash of religious beliefs. My first real relationship was with a Christian girl (extremist, if you will). At that point she wanted me to start going to church (this was the point where I realized she was in a cult like church) and I didn’t really want too because why would I?

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It will be a year that we have been dating on the 30th this month.

Q – Is it possible for a Catholic and an Athiest to get married in the Catholic Church so that the marriage is valid in the eyes of the Church and in the eyes of God? Yes, a non-Christian and a Catholic can be validly married, but the marriage will not be Sacramental.

The ceremony is probably the scariest aspect of wedding planning to me, because I am an atheist and my fiance is a practicing catholic.

I was raised catholic, and I am ok with the idea of him raising our future children as catholic, as long as they get to make their own decision about religion at some point.


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