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Six people man Fifteen’s lobbies by day, two each for the doors, concierge desks and lobbies. The staff was excited when Sandy Weill, former chairman of Citigroup, handed out about ,000 in his first year. In 2008, he was “very generous,” says a former staffer, “but the second year they cut their tips in half.” An ex-staffer recalls another early move-in, a former Goldman Sachs partner.Three more work the package room, and four porters and one or two engineers are always on duty. It was December 2007 and he arrived bearing gifts, Christmas tips for everyone on the staff, even though he’d just met them. This street level web cam at Times Square, New York, is located above the T. I Friday’s Restaurant at 1552 Broadway at 46th street and is looking towards the heart of New York’s Times Square.New Yorl Live HD Streaming Video Webcams Portal - Check out live New York city video streaming cameras on the No1 New York streaming cams direcyory - HERE This New York webcam at Times Square in the U. Just outside TGI FRIDAY'S there has been a woman standing to the left of the cam from the early hours to just after lunch time about 2 pm.You have to understand there are millions of people there at all hours of the day ~ 90% of them are not New Yorkers. Still, it is an 'experience' which to have for a first timer in the Big Apple. The local people are friendly and the shops and bars are excellent.you can definately shop til you drop and you can party til sunrise.Sit back and relax in a stylish coach while you take in some of Central Park's most popular attractions on a horse and carriage ride with that special someone, friends and family. Reserve a private ride in advance to ensure availability.Customize rides for weddings, proposals, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Scott Fitzgerald was right: The rich are different.

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Before you decide, below is an official list of the hottest, best New Years Eve parties in New York for 2018!

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