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She writes, "For young women in Chechnya the most innocent acts could mean breaking the law.

A Chechen girl caught smoking is cause for arrest; while rumors of a couple engaging in pre-martial relations can result in her killing.

Photojournalist Diana Markosian spent the last year and half covering Russia's volatile North Caucasus region.

This year she started a personal project entitled "Goodbye My Chechnya" documenting the lives of young Chechen women as they come of age in the aftermath of war.

There was also a Chechen girl in my class who dated another non-Chechen guy in my school, and when her brothers found out they almost beat her to death, then her parents deported her to Chechnya.

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This week it emerged that three women in Chechnya, a mostly Muslim republic in Russia, allegedly made almost £2,000 by tricking fighters from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) into thinking they were willing to become ‘jihadi brides’.

“I told him that I didn’t have any money, and he offered to sent me 10,000 [roubles - £107] on Qiwi-Wallet,” she said, referring to a popular Russian electronic cash transfer system.

The Chechen government is building mosques in every village, prayer rooms in public schools, and enforcing a stricter Islamic dress code for both men and women.

This photo essay chronicles the lives of young Muslim girls who witnessed the horrors of two wars and are now coming of age in a republic that is rapidly redefining itself as a Muslim state." Markosian, who is based in Grozny, reports that "It has been quite challenging working as a female photojournalist in Chechnya.


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