Christian perspective on radiometric dating

Finally, in the 1990's, as [sic] the present rate, we will experience 125 major killer quakes in this decade (Source: U. Geological Survey Earthquake Report, Boulder, Colorado). Stearman gives specific numbers of earthquakes, and he cites as his source the October 11, 1995 issue of the newspaper Philadelphia Inquirer: According to that newspaper the number of Richter magnitude 6.0 and greater earthquakes worldwide has been increasing from nine in the 1950s, to 13 in the 1960s, to 51 in the 1970s, to 86 in the 1980s, and to more than 100 in the 1990s.

The computer-searchable archives of the Philadelphia Inquirer reveal no article on earthquake frequency in that newspaper on October 11, 1995 and no other issue of that newspaper during the decade of the 1990s. When several readers of Stearman's article confronted him with much more earthquake data than in the mysterious citation from the newspaper, he apologized in print for the bad statistics, but, then, after his apology, reaffirmed that earthquakes are indeed increasing.

It's a very long article so anyone most interested in the answers to young earth objection to Radiometric Dating gan go straight to the last couple of pages.

EARTHQUAKES AND THE END TIMES: A GEOLOGICAL AND BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE Steven A. Strauss* Institute for Creation Research, PO Box 2667, El Cajon, CA 92021 Voice: (619) 448-0900 FAX: (619) 448-3469 (Unpublished manuscript of January 14, 1999.

These authors published a simplified, less technical version of this paper in 1999 under the title "Are Earthquakes Signs of the End Times? 30-39.) INTRODUCTION According to a number of Christian writers and teachers on Bible prophecy, Jesus predicted in the Olivet Discourse that a pronounced increase in the frequency and intensity of earthquakes would occur just prior to His return to the earth.

: A Geological and Biblical Response to an Urban Legend," Christian Research Journal, vol. Many of the same writers and teachers claim that the decade of the 1990s has experienced a pronounced increase in both the frequency and intensity of earthquakes as compared to the earlier decades of the twentieth century. From 1990 through 1996, there have been more than 150.

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This article collects evidences that place a lower limit on the age of the Universe beyond the 6,000 to 10,000 years asserted by most Young Earth creationists (YECs) and the literalist Ussher chronology.

This coincidence of Jesus' prophetic statement and recent seismic events is viewed by these writers and teachers as clear demonstration of the nearness of the return of Christ. However, Missler and Van Impe do not give any further information on the source of Lindsey's statistics. Jeffrey, another Bible prophecy teacher and author of nine best-selling books, could be the source of Lindsey's statistics.

Hal Lindsey, the world's best known Bible prophecy teacher and author of 17 books on prophecy, writes in one of his latest books: Earthquakes continue to increase in frequency and intensity, just as the Bible predicts for the last days before the return of Christ. Two years before Lindsey's statement was published, Jeffrey wrote: However, since A. 1900, the growth in major earthquakes has been relentless.

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