Christina applegate dating martyn lenoble

but the Porno for Pyros bassist insists the pap crossed the line by taking photos of his child.

The video begins with rocker Martyn Le Noble being approached by police on a street corner in broad daylight -- he was detained, and patted down.

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Celebs are clearly drawing a line in the sand about kids and it's creating a lot of issues, because there are some photographers that are not backing down.

(2007–09) and starred in the NBC comedy Up All Night (2011–12).

and her mother, Nancy Lee Priddy, is a singer and actress.

Le Noble -- who was not handcuffed and not arrested -- then begins to tell his side of the story ...

insisting a paparazzo (not a TMZ guy) tried shooting photos of his wife and 2-year-old daughter at a birthday party.


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