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After services, Dembitz gave Grafton a ride home — and with it, her phone number. For the next three years, they’d say hi when they saw each other, but that was the extent of their relationship.However, things changed when they both turned up at the same retreat to celebrate the ordination of the then-leaders of their unique community, the Aquarian Minyan.“The Aquarian Minyan is our baby that we have nurtured together,” said Dembitz.Both serve as “shomrot” (guards) of the minyan, which eschews more traditional language like “trustees” or “president.” Grafton is in charge of long-term planning and budgeting; Dembitz manages and schedules events, along with editing the newsletter. Founded in 1974, the Aquarian Minyan — which calls itself “a beacon of creative, spiritual and egalitarian Judaism” — grew out of a kabbalistic retreat that Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, a founder of the Jewish Renewal movement, led in Berkeley.Although shock-jock Howard Stern and his swimming pool, 202 - feet of ocean frontage and a wood plank walkway from the back deck and across the dunes to the water’s edge.

It wasn't easy an easy task, but after polling our network of writers, friends, and distant family with strong opinions about hot tamales, we've compiled a list of the single food that you simply must eat in every state. Some foods are the states' most famous exports, while others are icons that you won't see outside of their borders.SELLER: Tory Burch LOCATION: Meadow Lane, Southampton, NYPRICE: ,900,000SIZE: 6,053 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms DESCRIPTION: Breathtaking 360-degree views of ocean and the bay from this expansive 4.5 - property with 202 - ft. Existing home with pool and garage, and approved plans for stunning 7-bedroom/9 bath, 7,100 - sf timeless beach house designed by architect Daniel lasted less than a year.In the mid-1990s she hitched herself to filthy rich venture capitalist Chris Burch with whom she produced three boy piglets.More on that hunk of Holy Mary Mother of God real estate later.Listen chickens, if Your Mama has said it once we’ve said it a million or more times, rich people are all kinds of fickle when it comes to their real estate doings, even if feeding their real estate beast means losing a mountain of money.This holiday week, Fortune is publishing some of our favorite stories from our archives.The following article, which was published in our August 28, 1989 issue, focuses on the growing acceptance of divorce among Corporate America’s power elite and the rise of the so-called “trophy wife.” Such second wives, reported Julie Connelly, are often "a decade or two younger than her husband, sometimes several inches taller, beautiful, and very often accomplished.” Most importantly, a second wife "certifies her husband's status."His temper might perhaps be a little soured by finding, like many others of his sex, that through some unaccountable bias in favor of beauty, he was the husband of a very silly woman; but she knew that this kind of blunder was too common for any sensible man to be lastingly hurt by it.As it turned out, Grafton — who had been in short-term relationships with both men and women — needed time to process a lasting attraction to another woman.But once she did, Grafton and Dembitz were rarely apart.Eventually, though, we landed on fried catfish and hushpuppies, a specialty up and down the state’s muddy rivers and an iconic Southern plate of golden fried food.Ezell’s Fish Camp now has multiple locations, but go to the original in tiny Butler for the true experience.


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