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If a decision is made to consolidate, it must include all.

In both cases, investor obtains joint control over some business with some other investor.Account linkage allows for individual account holders maintaining multiple existing accounts or seeking to open a new account the ability to group those accounts together.In the case of a new account, linkage afffords the opportunity to open the account without having to complete a full application, with the account holder providing solely that additional information which is specific to the new account.Some large businesses organise themselves as a single company.More frequently, a larger business will be organised as a group of companies.The legal framework, the size and style of the group, the use or purpose of the consolidated information and the granularity of analysis sought are all key factors that will condition both the overall consolidation process and the selection of a software processing and support tool.Let’s analyse a few key steps of the process: Defining the scope of consolidation raises some difficulties.We also need to appreciate the important legal distinction between the various different companies in a group, and the group as a whole. Different sets of accounts are used for different purposes.The individual accounts show the position and the performance of each individual company, but not the group as a whole.The majority of treasurers work in group organisations.Most of our external contacts will also be parts of groups.


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