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If you are one of the online daters who want to investigate your online lover then you can just use your computer that is connected to the internet and look for public records or free information.

Since online dating has become more popular these days, some online daters are now considering to investigate and research about their online lovers before pursuing any serious relationship leading to marriage.

Last summer, author Jon Birger published Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game, which essentially argues that today's dating market is suffering from a so-called "man shortage." Birger argues that this "shortage" can be attributed to one primary factor: a skewed ratio of educated women to educated men.

This figure rises to 41 percent among 18- to 29-year olds.The book raises some interesting questions about what we look for in a mate, as well as some alternative solutions for the marriage-minded among us.(Apparently, if you're a lady who wants to put a ring on it, Silicon Valley is a single-man mecca.) But Birger also suggests that this "man shortage" might result in a surprising trend: women dating outside their class and education levels."These lopsided numbers might not matter if young, college-educated women become more willing to date — and, eventually, marry — across socioeconomic lines," Birger explained in the Washington Post.At face value, the suggestion that women date outside their class seems hopelessly old-fashioned, not to mention politically incorrect.Previously we could rely on the endorsement of a mutual friend or colleague to reassure us that a prospective partner is legit and unlikely to be hiding too many dark secrets.But sites like Tinder have stripped away those reassurances, so what is a modern dater to do? Online dating profiles are like CVs, in which we are encouraged to elevate, amplify, and enrich our own personal brand.We check whether they have alias names, been convicted of a criminal offence, or carry a financial risk.We ascertain an individual's debt, bankruptcy and insolvency status to help ensure someone isn't specifically looking to take advantage of a person's financial situation, something many individuals look to exploit.” But if you think this smacks of paranoia, and that the vast majority of checks come back clean, Lyons has some alarming news.In this case, users can review public information made available by local government offices or conduct full criminal background checks with services like to find out if their date can be trusted.Some online dating platforms like e, and Sparks Networks (operator of JDate and Christian Mingle) have even begun scanning clients for instances of sexual assault, identity theft, and violence since 2012.


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