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the other site com also owned by same criminals Two years ago, I created an account with my own pictures and used a US phone number because I was in the US. Well, no response after 2 weeks and my phone number is blocked in their system so I can't even create another profile.

I sent one message to a woman that asked her what she was studying at college. My recommendation is stay away from this site as you might meet someone you really like and then be blocked for no reason and not know how to contact them again.

Yup, so what other reviewers said about this website are all true. I had my first account closed by admin for no reason, I'm being honest and serious to find my future true love in the site, to my dismay, The system deleted my account, It made me feel so sad as I have someone ongoing for a "getting to know each other " and so I created a new account that only last a few days they closed it again before I get connected with the guy that I was chatting before they closed the first one, and so for the third time created again and the name of the account is lovefinder_16 but they then closed it, and now, just right now I created the forth times, and I named it [email protected]'m so disappointed as I'm not even yet finish posting my information, then again they closed it, So stupid arrogant dumbass this $#*! Maybe they favorated scammers to stay in their sites and blocking sincere heart whom is faithful to look for their future true love. i tried to create an account as someone has set up a fake profile using my boyfriend's picture when i know full well it isn't him. I went to create an account as i said and it immediately got deleted before i'd even had a chance to report the fake profile. They closed my account for no reason, I broke none of their rules. Don't bother creating a profile because what ever time and effort you put into it will be lost.

the admin are total idiots to run this site the way they do. i'm guessing the old guy who started the site died and his filipino tranny wife took it over and is now running it like its own playground.

If you report a profile, they don't always do anything.

When you’ve got a very specific interest in a tightly defined dating niche such as Asian dating traditional dating methods may not work. Fortunately there’s a lot of choice available within this niche – whether you’re interested in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Thai women and men you’ll find a review to suit your interest right here on this site.

There are a lot of dating sites out there that claim to be the number one in their niche, but Asian women app makes the a different claim - 100% Free Asian dating app .

The management people invade people's privacy. Many cases they intercept members messages and contact the ladies themselves, I have witnessed few occasion they block the original profile owner and talk to ladies by impersonating. Ladyboys are free to mislead people with impunity, however. They say that it's normally complaints by members that get you deleted but this couldn't be the case since it was just one day and I hadn't corresponded with anyone to get a complaint.

I have warned them for their unethical acts and left the company. So that means someone that you didn't respond to quickly enough could complain and get you deleted?


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