Dating a guy from match com

It seems dubious to me too, but let’s continue as if it’s true. The real kicker here is the type of girl they are all looking for.

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And, like many other online offerings, the "product" received may not always be what was advertised.

I’ve had an onslaught of terrible dating experiences in the last year (including someone who turned out to be a drug dealer, someone who was mad I didn’t want to come hang out at his bedbug-infested apartment, and a commitment-phobe friend who constantly appears to be doing an uncanny Jekyll and Hyde impression). (Wow.) There’s no end to what I could write about my experiences on, and I’ve only been on the site for a week.

I am also at the age where apparently I better hurry up if I want kids. (My favorite is probably the guy whose opening line was, “Hey baby u r cute n sexy, come cuddle w me by my fireplace.” Sounds great, what’s the address?!

And what happens when you decide to take your profile down…

and your new sweetheart , unless you've had The Talk (you know, the one about how you want to date each other exclusively), you're not ready to pull the online dating plug just yet.


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