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Join Mingle2today and start browsing fun-seeking men and women for FREE.There are singles from all over Tel Aviv online waiting to meet you and chat today! Mingle2is one of the top free online dating services in Tel Aviv.Hezekiah's father, Ahaz, was known as a godless man, and as soon as Hezekiah ascended the throne, he ordered the destruction of all of the false idols (objects, other deities or animals that people worshipped) in the kingdom, according to, a website on Judaism.In the Hebrew Bible, a verse explains how "He [Hezekiah]removed the high places, smashed the sacred stones and cut down the Asherah poles [associated with a sacred goddess]…" (II Kings 18:4), the IAA said.

The sea plays an important role in Tel Aviv’s day-to-day – being a relaxing destination for beachside activities.‎‎, also called Japho or Joppa), is the southern and oldest part of Tel Aviv-Yafo, an ancient port city in Israel.Jaffa is famous for its association with the biblical stories of Jonah, Solomon and Saint Peter as well as the mythological story of Andromeda and Perseus.Tel Aviv is Israel's hip and historic city-by-the-sea that serves up a bit of everything: from its Bauhaus-influenced White City district and millennia-old Jaffa Port, to mouthwatering Mediterranean-meets-Middle Eastern cuisine and a world-famous party scene.With our new service, you can explore this vibrant cultural hub starting from 26 March 2017.Choose from four flights a week on board our state-of-the-art A350 aircraft – offering Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class to help you travel well.Several buildings in the Old City and its port have been restored and conserved, making Jaffa a popular attraction.I'm a bit confused about the term "Palestine." Today everyone uses it to refer to Arabs, but my grandfather played in Palestine Symphony Orchestra which changed its name to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra when the Jewish state came into being in 1948. In the year 70 CE the Romans burned down the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, murdering and exiling the Jews of Jerusalem.Following an unsuccessful revolt against Rome in 135 CE, the Roman emperor Hadrian decided to excise all things Jewish from the promised land.[See Photos of Artifacts Recovered from the Excavation at the Gate-Shrine] The gate is located in the ancient city of Tel Lachish within an 80-by-80-foot (24.5 by 24.5 meters) six-chambered area, with three chambers on each side and the city's main street passing between them, the IAA said.The northern section of the gate was unearthed decades ago by an expedition led by archaeologists from the United Kingdom and Tel Aviv University.


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