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Here is a rundown of eight worthwhile films about foursomes. The Composition of the church in Rome was probably mixed (Jewish/Gentile) a. The last two chapters of Romans are considered to be problematic to the integrity of the book B. 394), but this is unlikely since there was no instruction for these believers. 1:1), but to “all that are at Rome” Gentiles, not just Gentiles (-14) d) Paul refers to the Jews as “my” brethren, and not “our” brethren (9:3) e) Out of the twenty-four names in chapter 16, over one half are Latin and Greek 2) Paul writes to Jewish believers a) Paul wrote with many references to the Old Testament (but see Galatians too) b) Paul speaks of Abraham as “our” father in 2:1 (but see 1 Corinthians 10:1 where he does the same thing) c) Chapters 9--11 are about the nation Israel (but they show that those who had privilege could loose it) d) Paul describes a Jewish/Gentile problem in the church (“weak and strong”) A. Apart from this integrity, it is almost impossible to reconstruct the occasion for the epistle (see Guthrie, This absolute date is derived from the inscription found at Delphi which shows that Gallio was proconsul of Achaia in A. 52-[54] which means that he was probably proconsul of Achaia from mid-51 to mid-52, and Paul probably stood before him early in Gallio’s governorship since the Jews would be attempting to win a new governor to their side (see Cranfield, , p.If Paul was unknown to the church in Rome, than his recommendation of Phoebe would be of little value But this is not a necessary conclusion since Paul was not an obscure person, and the writing of his letter speaks of a level of his authority with the Romans 5. ), (7) in the winter of 56-57 they are in Rome when Paul writes to the Romans from Corinth, and (8) in the autumn of 67 they are in Ephesus again when Paul writes (2 Tim. As Guthrie says, “For this reason Paul deals with the fundamental Christian principle of ‘righteousness’ as contrasted with the Jewish approach, and then discusses the problem of Israel’s failure and her relationship to the universal Christian Church” (, p. He himself is in a context of personal Jewish opposition (Acts 20:3).The warnings of -19 appear to be more around the antinomianism of Ephesus than the Jewish-Gentile relationships of Romans While there is no mention of these problems among the Romans, this does not mean that these words could have no relevance to them;--especially in view of Paul’s own struggles with them 6. Paul does acknowledge the priority of the Jews (; 2:9-10) as well as the advantage of being a Jew (3:1-2; 9:4-5), but he emphasizes that God is God of the Jews and the Gentiles (-30), that God has temporarily halted His program for rebellious Israel (9--11), and that a believing remnant will continue (11:5) until the full number of Gentiles comes in ().The new film “The Overnight” shows just how close two couples can get when they meet and spend an evening together.The shenanigans that unfold are part of a long history of films about swingers.When Jehovah's Witnesses produce scholars that support the NWT, we must first establish that the scholar is, indeed, a recognized expert in the field of Biblical Languages, and that he or she has been quoted accurately.When given careful consideration, many of the scholars used by Jehovah's Witnesses do not actually constitute a sound argument from authority.Participating in an encounter group, they get deeply, deeply in touch with their feelings.Afterwards, they share their new discoveries, mostly that “truth is beautiful,” with their close friends, Ted (Elliott Gould) and Alice (Dyan Cannon).


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