Dating sarah is not like dating liz

The possibility of a Luke and Lorelai romance is hinted at early on.

At Rory's 16th birthday party Luke thoughtfully brings a bag of ice, just when Lorelai is about to leave the party to get some, and Emily comments that the "ice-man" was checking Lorelai out to which she blushes and denies it.

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Don’t think she brought up the sex part, but I could be wrong.Corinne essentially was bummed she didn’t get this bride outfit, was jealous, so in her Beach Bride outfit, she took her top off, and put Nick’s hands on her boobs, essentially declaring herself this season’s villain. While they were on the Ferris Wheel, another boat circled the harbor that had a video board on it which kept displaying messages like this: After the video board displayed the “Kiss Kiss Kiss” message, Nick obliged and they made out on the Ferris Wheel.All the girls were put off by this, but of course not Nick because Corinne got the group date rose. Yeah, it’s blurry and far away, but Nick is getting him some: Group Date: 6 girls went to the Museum of Broken Relationships and had to “break up” with Nick in front of an audience. Jaimi, Christen, Kristina, Astrid, Josephine, and Liz are on this date.In Christen’s time with Nick, she mentioned what Liz had told her (this was shown in the season preview). Corinne was too drunk and did not attend the rose ceremony.Nick pulls Liz aside later on that night and sends her home. The 3 girls who didn’t have a date this episode were Whitney, Rachel, and Dominique. Granted, she was already safe with a rose, but as you’ll see, this is a common theme with her.Regardless of whether you err more towards Satan than saint, Liz Jones is undoubtedly our country’s most (in)famous columnist.She’s also the author of five incredibly successful books (her latest one is out 4 July), was editor of British website than anyone, or anything, else and makes a six-figure sum from her writing.Since Lorelai doesn't cook, Luke feeds Lorelai and Rory.Luke's Diner is included in almost every episode and is is a big part of their lives.Basically the same exact concept as the group date on Jo Jo’s season but instead of thinking of how they were going to propose, these girls had to think of a break up speech. It was Josephine just acting out her “break up.” As for Liz, apparently during her “breakup,” that’s where things got kind of awkward since Liz and Nick already had a little bit of a past together.This was the date where you see Josephine in the previews slapping Nick across the face. Apparently this was uncomfortable, kinda like their talk on night one.


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