Dating sites full of losers

It’s also obvious these warning signs are not only found in dating relationships — but in our spouse, our parents, our friends, and our relatives.

There are more victims in the environment of the Loser than his or her partner.

Posting pictures not smiling because they have jacked up teeth! These typical losers will correspond with you for a long length of time before meeting you, hoping to emotionally attach to you.

This is very common because in their mind they think looks won’t matter now that you are emotionally hooked.

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Anybody who comes onto POF regularly knows otherwise!

The e-mail feedback I have received on the article has been tremendous.

It’s clear the article is a way of identifying not only “losers” but controlling, abusive, and manipulating individuals.

People that don’t lie,cheat, or have weird fetishes.

I would definitely visit “Plenty Of Losers Exposed” do a background check and view the Plenty Of Fish Losers that are already exposed, before setting up a date on the Plenty Of Fish.


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