Dating with herpes simplex 1

Dear Colette, my question is a bit "heavy" and I hope you are willing to help me with it, because it is totally messing with my body, my heart, my head, with my confidence, with my ability to believe that it's possible for anyone to ever love me again, or ever want to risk being with me because of the physical and psychological impact.

I wish it weren't true, but I have contracted the virus for genital herpes.

If someone already has HSV-1 in their mouth, could sex with me cause them to have a genital outbreak?

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The nurse who examined me revealed that she had herpes and said it was no big deal.

That's a very loaded question which can be hotly debated.

Do those with GHSV1 have more of an obligation to disclose than would someone who gets cold sores?

Since my first outbreak (which was very severe) I have never had another one. Do these things make it less likely that I will pass on the virus? – Yes, you will have to take the same precautions against spreading HSV-1 just as you would with HSV-2.

My first outbreak was a terrible experience, and I do not want to cause anyone else to go through that, but I’m also not sure if I’m being overly cautious. – 60-80% of the general population already have HSV-1 orally.


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