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Brenda Delgado (left) was indicted on capital murder charges after Kendra Hatcher (right), 35, was found murdered in her Dallas apartment building garage on September 2.

Delgado was arrested in Mexico on Friday was the first female to be added in 1968 after she and accomplice Gary Steven Krist kidnapped 20-year-old Barbara Mackle from her motel room in Decatur, Georgia.

Mackle was recovered alive, and Krist and Eisemann-Schier were both captured.

landed on the list after escaping from prison while on death row in Florida.

The neighborhood suffers a wave of daring robberies, some of which and brutally bloody.

Their friendship blossoms into a sexual affair, but that's against LAPD rules with a victim.

By checking in on his mother, who often forgets the alarm, Ben discovers to his fury his scumbag father bought her home and is back in her life.

She was acquitted on all charges against her in 1972 and resumed her teaching career.

landed on the list in 1970 for being a leader of the Weather Underground movement, a radical group that opposed the Vietnam War.


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