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(October 31 to November 18, 1984) He played Robert Obosa in Bruce Bonafede's play, "Advice to the Players," in '84 Shorts Festival (New One-Act Plays in Repertory) at the Actors Theatre of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky with Michael Kevin (John Tyler); Joe Morton (Oliver Manzi); Steve Rankin (Tony Jones); Lanny Flaherty (...

(2011 quote on The Simpsons) When I did The Simpsons, that got me instant cred with my nieces and nephews in Philly.

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According to Roland, “Ed had a solo project that he did; I had a band project I put together that we’re still doing called Magnets Ghosts; Will did a solo record.and bonded over their mutual love for arty English bands Elbow and Doves.Casual jamming ensued, and “it was crazy how everything fell into place,” says Potesta, a Berklee College of Music vet who was working as a recording studio intern at the time.He's on a quest to reach The Dark Tower, and there's something very powerful pulling him along on this journey to the fateful destination. alone is because casting details suggest elements from other King novels in the series. Also, the presence of an object -- The Horn of Eld -- in a promotional Tweet leads some of us to believe that THIS version of Roland's quest comes after the finale of the book series, meaning it's a sequel of sorts to the book, and his final go-round.But stories in Mid-World, which exists in an alternate (and assumedly future) timeline that might run parallel to our own.I had never really watched it, and it was not on my radar, so to say. Keeping it casual: The 49-year-old, who wore a grey vest, sweat pants and black sneakers, didn't appear to have gained any weight since losing 40lbs to appear in History Channel mini-series Texas Rising in May 'I got there and I was probably about 175. So we were still actually making music, but we just weren’t doing it together necessarily, and then it felt like it was getting to a place where the timing was right; we were energized, [and] we felt inspiration to get back together and do it again.” Fostering an environment where there was no pressure to maintain a singular creative devotion to Collective Soul allowed for a more authentic and willing connection between band members. The duo consists of Roland on vocals and rhythm guitar with lead guitarist Ryan Potesta, with touring musicians playing the bass and drum parts in concert.“We just get in and try to have fun with it, y’know? The band formed when Potesta, then a student at Berklee College of Music, “started working with Collective Soul years ago on some engineering-type stuff.There was a stretch, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when Stephen King's novels were inspiring numerous horror and suspense-thriller films.King's name, alone, got people into theaters to see adaptations of That doesn't mean the author ever stopped telling stories. So now that Hollywood is circling back around to the cinematic-worthy works of Stephen King, they are remembering just how many incredible tales the writer has in his chest, and new movies are hopping on our radars.


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    He told the Guardian: 'Christmas tends to be a period of review and revision, partly because it gives you the chance to observe existing models of relationship – the ones that you have, the ones you want to avoid and the ones you want to emulate.'It is also the winter pause when you review what has been missing in your life and what you want in it, and a period of great loneliness for people who don't fit into the government-approved vision of family.

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