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The film then cuts right into a conversation between Jill (Lachman) and Arthur (Yow) who appear to be on a date at a bar after having met through an online dating service.

The two look completely mismatched; Jill is an incredibly beautiful woman far out of Arthur’s league while Arthur is an older man that won’t be wowing any women with his looks.

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Set in Chicago, the show is about five single friends who turn to each other for moral and sometimes physical support, as they mine the dating world looking for The One.Click here for IGN TV's review of Starring: Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard, Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer, Peter Jacobson, Olivia Wilde Network: FOX Airs: Mondays at 8pm ET/PT Season Premiere: 9/21/09 Last season ended with Dr. Will he be on the road to recovery, or will he be ever-spiraling into lunacy and dementia?Sunday Punch is a 35mm short film – approximately 18 minutes in length – from Dennis Huack.was cancelled in the middle of season two, but in just 26 episodes Joss Whedon brought us a richly provocative series that explored the intersection of neural reprogramming, implantable personalities, and prostitution.The story centers on the Dollhouse, which actualizes each client’s fantasies using “Actives” (also called Dolls), people whose original personalities have been wiped and can be imprinted with any persona and set of skills. Our opening dialogue is just one of the show’s many repeated prompts, which are cues used to control the Actives.Click here for IGN TV's review of Starring: Michael C.Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Julie Benz, Lauren Velez, C. Lee, David Zayas Network: Showtime Airs: Sundays at 9pm ET/PT Season Premiere: 9/27/09 As the new season begins, Dexter's now a family man.Sunday Punch starts out with a credit sequence set to the music of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds song “Do You Love Me?”* The sequence evokes a stylized noir vibe that helps set the tone of the film.My father's from Australia and my mother was born in India, but she's actually Tibetan.I was born in Katmandu, lived there until I was eight ,and then moved to Australia with my mother and father.


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