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The campaigns of August 1942 to early 1944 had driven Japanese forces from many of their island bases in the south and central Pacific Ocean, while isolating many of their other bases (most notably in the Solomon Islands, Bismarck Archipelago, Admiralty Islands, New Guinea, Marshall Islands, and Wake Island), and in June 1944, a series of American amphibious landings supported by the U. 5th Fleet's Fast Carrier Task Force captured most of the Mariana Islands (bypassing Rota). Army General Douglas Mac Arthur championed an invasion of the Philippines, which also lay across the supply lines to Japan.

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A machete, knives, axes, a shovel, a sledgehammer, bleach, plastic trash bags, bulletproof vests and four sets of handcuffs were found inside the Subaru Forester Falls was driving.

In the southern Ohio city of Chillicothe, where six prostitutes were murdered in a little over a year's time and two remain missing, police chief Keith Washburn said detectives were en route Monday to West Virginia to investigate the possibility Falls is connected to the killings.

Washburn told Fox forensic evidence obtained in the Chillicothe investigations will be used to determine whether Falls is linked to the crimes.

On one hand, she has found happiness with the love of her life, Raheem "Rah-Lo" Henderson. Written by a Federal prison inmate, this novel follows several young women who are trying to escape from poverty. A drug dealer gets out of prison and returns to his old life, pulling his new girlfriend in with him. An ex-con turns to hustling when he can’t get a job, but dreams of escaping the ghetto. As a little boy he feels the distance between he and his stepfather, and life becomes increasingly difficult for him as the years pass; his childhood and young adult years are spent in a home for boys and state prison, where he serves time for manslaughter. The story begins with a long overdue visit to from Nick Simmons (Drug Related). .00 GHETTOHEAT is a hardcore collection of thought-provoking poetry and powerful prose that focuses on the inner-city voices of Ghetto-America; poignantly displaying their socio-economic conditions. This one time street-corner drug-pusher transforms herself into a gritty queenpin: the ruthless leader of a multimillion-dollar narcotics syndicate as builds her empire piece by bloody piece. Jamal is the street-savvy son of an infamous drug kingpin. The drama involves an ex-boyfriend, a lesbian orgy scene, and a shooting that concludes the story. What about when he loses a loved one who begged him to get out the game? Candy soon finds herself being caught in several love affairs with men with families, girlfriends and wives at home—waiting for them to be released.

LONDON REIGN deals with sexuality, relationships, monogamy, gender roles, love, lust and betrayal. Dime Piece Triple Crown, 2004 Celeste Styles is a woman torn. Triple Crown, 2003 "It’s the penthouse or the morgue." This is the philosophy adopted by Keshawn Wilson, a.k.a. Keshawn is the youngest of five kids and one of only two that doesn’t belong to his mother’s husband. Roy Glenn is back with Payback and continues to introduce us to unforgettable characters that immediately become real. She has decided that, while society has denied her any chance to enter Heaven (to go to college, to become a professional), she will accept nothing less than ruling Hell (the inner-city and the streets of East Oakland). Keisha is the sheltered daughter of an activist pastor with a checkered past. A second story deals with Angel Santiago, a beautiful young girl in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, who falls for Frido, another drug dealer. It is the answer to his misery…and what will ultimately make his heart content. Will he roll over and die or will his survival instincts run the show? Still having male organs, Candy is housed with strong, masculine, handsome male inmates who haven’t been around or touched a woman in years. Her future is threatened when she encounters her old lover again.


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