Everquest patcher stuck on updating

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

The items you need to collect are ground spawns around the Sunrise Hills zone.

At least some of them are known to share spawn tables, so you may have to go to some locations multiple times to get all the items you need.

This is a task introduced with Ever Quest's 12th anniversary (and expected to be available only during anniversary season) It begins with Seeker Nerattan, a high elf who roams around the vendor building in the Sunrise Hills. Dastardly constructs of that cursed Maiden, if only the Burning Prince could exact swift revenge on them...Sometimes files become corrupt during the patching process, usually due to anti-virus and/or connection issues.Forcing a re-installation should help resolving this issue.If you are [willing] to assist me in retrieving the relics, I would be most grateful.' You say, 'I am willing.' Seeker Nerattan says 'Very well, I expect most of the artifacts to be strewn about somewhere in the neighborhood.There may be more than one of each type, but as long as I return to Tazgar with at least one complete set I should be okay.' You have been assigned the task 'Hunt of the Shards'.('LUCASFILM'), AND ACCOUNT REGISTRATION REQUIRED TO PLAY. GAME INTENDED FOR PLAY ONLY WITHIN NORTH AMERICA, EUROPE AND CERTAIN OTHER TERRITORIES. See also the question: I have installed Everquest, but it doesn't work. *** PLEASE NOTE *** THIS IS AN AUTO UPDATING PROGRAM WHICH USES A PATCHER.We have contacted a large number of firewall manufacturers to identify League of Legends as a harmless application and add exceptions for League of Legends automatically.It is possible that your firewall simply needs the latest update from the manufacturer to apply these exceptions.


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