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The RSPCA and other animal welfare bodies are dishonest in pretending the hunting ban has "saved" foxes.

And the so-called Countryside Alliance is a sham body dedicated to making the countryside a playground for the urban rich.

Animal rights campaigners have said they feel betrayed by Theresa May over plans to repeal the fox hunting ban.

Protesters staged a demonstration in Maidenhead town centre to raise awareness of the Prime Minister’s intention to hold a vote on overturning the ban on the blood sport should she triumph on June 8.

It has sold the weaker of its two historically warring groupings, fox hunters, down the river, so that its more powerful wing – game-shooters – can commit genocide on that portion of Britain's wildlife, such as foxes, they label as "vermin", so that they can maximise the other portion they call "game", and then kill them too.

“She doesn’t appear to have the concerns of the constituency at heart”.

About 300 hunts were scheduled to happen around the UK on Boxing Day, despite fox hunting having technically been outlawed more than a decade ago.

Yesterday it was revealed that opposition to fox hunting had risen to historic levels in the UK, according to a poll that found 84 per cent of the public now believe fox hunting should not be made legal again.

Mrs May confirmed a further 8,100 migrants were detected at separate government controls in Calais during a 21 day period from June 21.

There are now 5,000 migrants massed in Calais, MPs heard, compared with just a few hundred at the start of the year.


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