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They tracked the IP address that had accessed their camera and discovered a website with "thousands and thousands of pictures of cameras just like their own." Anyone could use the site to access hacked cameras and monitors located in at least 15 different countries, according to the report.

Ashley Stanley, the nanny, thought the parents were playing a joke on her.

Dan Weiss is 26, stands five-foot-six, weighs about 130 pounds, and has a thin chinstrap beard outlining his jaw—without the scruff, he looks 12.

This Tuesday afternoon in March is the first time we’ve ever met, even though he’s a freelance music writer and we’ve been e-mailing each other professionally for years.

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Few families have escaped the warning sirens about sexual predators stalking children via the computer.

It's hard to miss those Bay Area billboards claiming that 1 in 5 children has been sexually solicited online, although only a tiny fraction of those involve aggressive solicitations from someone believed to be over age 25.

Nick Yee,, a game player who also researches games and defends ...

She soon realized they weren't."I was kinda really freaked out like maybe someone hacked into the camera," Stanley told KHOU 11.

"He said something else like 'You should probably password protect your camera.'" She looked at her phone and could see the camera monitor moving around the room. That's when the screaming picked up, according to Fox 19 in Cincinnati.

"The camera played some eerie music and a voice could be heard indicating the parent and child were being watched," Ontario Provincial Police Const. "Obviously it's going to be disturbing."Waking up to hear a stranger's voice in your child's room is the nightmare of every parent.

And thanks to internet-connected baby monitors, it's happened a lot over the past two years.


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    The Sims Bustin' Out is the second title in The Sims console series and the first The Sims title to not be released on PC.