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Take part in the world-famous Speed Hating, have fun with Blind Hate, drink some beer and generally mess about.You never know, you might even find love, or at least someone to moan at for the rest of your life...Since then, these amazing filmmakers have been working tirelessly in collaboration with one another to create an eclectic collection of short films—from sci-fi parables, to relationship dramas, to incisive works of social commentary.The 2016 Project Involve shorts are set to premiere as part of the upcoming LA Film Festival, held June 1-9 at the Arc Light Cinemas in Hollywood and Culver City.So without further ado, please enjoy this exclusive peek into how the short-film sausage actually gets made: How did you learn about Project Involve?Okoye: I learned about Film Independent’s Project Involve program from a friend and colleague who’d previously participated in Film Independent’s writing and directing labs.It’ll mark the end of a long, eventful journey for our PI filmmakers; so with the debut of their shorts just over the horizon, we reached out to a few of this year’s participants to grill them about their experience and how their films are developing—as well as what’s next.Film Independent spoke to the following Project Involve participants: We also spoke to Kiehl’s Since 1851 President Chris Salgardo about his company’s championing of Project Involve—Kiehl’s returned once again this program’s Lead Funder of shorts.

But no category at this year’s Festival better exemplifies Film Independent’s spirit of diversity and commitment to spotlighting new filmmaking talent than the premiere of our very own Project Involve shorts.The Collective is situated within We Work Boston, a local co-working space located right near South Station in Boston, MA.Studios are invited to join to ensure a diverse range of experience and expertise.For two decades, Project Involve has been Film Independent’s signature diversity incubator, fostering the careers of a wide-ranging group of filmmakers hailing from communities largely underrepresented by the Hollywood mainstream.Way back in January, we introduced you to our Project Involve Class of 2016.NEW YORK -- An amateurish comedy that sets up straw-man playboys to knock them over with the power of love, "Speed-Dating" seems designed to exploit the black indie theatrical circuit but hardly merits even a DVD release.From its overwhelmingly beige visual palette to a script with no clue how to connect cause to effect, the movie is as clumsy as its heroes' badly explained scheme to get laid by running a Speed Dating night at a nightclub they own. Producers: Mekita Faiye, La Monde Byrd Executive producers: Faye Banyard, David Woessner, Mikhael J.The Boston game development industry has grown rapidly due to the incredible community that has surrounded it.By gathering successful small studios in one place, we are able to provide mentorship to new businesses and individuals.In a bravura performance, a white-bearded Dustin Hoffman portrays this ranting patriarch like Rain Man re-engineered as Lear.But Sandler’s gravitas is the film’s most unlikely surprise.


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