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Jeffrey Marsalis, 35, was sentenced Tuesday by 5th District Judge Daniel Hurlbutt Jr., who said Marsalis must serve at least 15 years before being eligible for parole in the date rape case.

Marsalis was extradited to Idaho last fall from Pennsylvania, where he is serving a 21-year sentence for 2007 convictions on two counts of sexual assault.

It didn’t happen over night and it didn’t happen by accident. I’ve been speaking, writing, teaching and developing programs for about 15 years – and only really became successful in the past five years.

I didn’t just “start a blog” and people threw money at me. Okay – so I don’t work in a kombi van or do my blog posts on the beach before taking a surf, but I also don’t work really long hours (most of the time) or stress myself out. So yeah – even the title, five years to a million dollar business is misleading. I ran my first personal development conferences in 1999. Wearing a suit gave me hives and the nervous sweats.

I was a junior management consultant, working for a boutique firm and I was increasingly fed up with my direction in life and obsessed with finding “my calling”. I didn’t KNOW anyone my age (or gender) who was a successful entrepreneur. I had a marketing degree but no clue about how to use marketing in the real world to make money from my skills and talents. I had started my business and had convinced my hubby to let me try working in my business full time for six months while he paid the bills. I basically doubled my revenue every year with consistent effort. There were lots of late nights, big mistakes, experimenting but above all DETERMINATION. Like learning the basics – having something simple for sale and selling it to someone. Getting disciplined enough to send out a weekly newsletter and coping with the inevitable unsubscribes. The grind of doing, doing, doing and not seeing much in return in the early days.

I remember going for a coffee break with a co-worker and saying, The worst thing was though – I hadn’t really DONE anything about it. (Plus unknowingly, I had HUGE money blocks)I wanted the success and had NO CLUE how to do it. Of telling your friends and family what you do, and grinning through their concern or advice.

Prosecutors say Marsalis drugged the the victim's drink while the two were at a bar.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to wear a full tuxedo, but having a shower, shave, using aftershave and putting on something suitable will help you impress your date and get you off to a good start.

Many people may also be shy about their appearance.

You may not be 6ft tall with a 6-pack, but it’s more attractive to a woman to show that you’re comfortable in your own skin and happy being you. Don’t do all the talking On your date, make sure you don’t do all the talking.

Alcohol use by rapists is often referred to as the cause of rape when rapists commit the crime with alcohol in their bloodstream, but this is incorrect.

Boys and men who rape while consuming alcohol are too frequently described as being out of control so that their rapes are presented as actions which just spontaneously happen.


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