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As well as Brandy and Alanis Morissette who both inspired the singer's writing for her third album Night & Day.Chanté cites Beyoncé as an inspiration (Whom she opened up for as a supporting act in Canada back in 2005 for the group Destiny's Child).Chanté's music is generally contemporary R&B, but she also incorporates pop, dance and hip hop into her music.Chanté cites artists like Tupac Shakur as her main idol, whom she shares the same birth date with, as well as Michael Jackson, Monica, Whitney Houston, TLC and Aaliyah as her inspiration in music.Aubrey Drake Graham Drake, Aub Scorpio Toronto, Ontario, Canada Drake attended a Jewish Day School.Later, he attended Forest Hill Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Ontario. Post that, he went to Vaughan Road Academy in Toronto, Ontario.We want guys like Chris Brown to stroll the red carpet holding a guy's hand and telling everybody this guy is the love of his life. A friend of mine had a long term Latino fuck buddy. Being FAR from Atlanta where these rumors are whispered it had not made it in a credible fashion out to us in Hollywood. Maybe you missed it last year when celebrity publicist Jonathan Jaxson revealed Ludajuice was having sex with a gay porn star whose real name is Gordon.Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! for 8 of her #1 radio hits, such as, "Shook (The Answer)", "Unpredictable", "Bad Boy", "Does He Love Me", "Let The Music Take You", "Ring The Alarm", "Been Gone" and "2U". Chanté is scheduled to portray the late singer Aaliyah in an upcoming biopic and is currently working on her third album The Vendetta slated for spring 2010 The first hint of Chanté's talent came at a very early age, when she began singing along to a tape her mother was playing on a car stereo.

That said, I have no idea whether Brown is gay or straight. This dude and Chris Brown maybe think they aren't gay because they don't kiss or they don't hold hands or cuddle or do anything romantic.

The album received positive response from the critics. Drake played the role as A/V Jones in 2007 (released in 2007 only in USA and Canada) American comedy-drama film Charlie Bartlett. Drake guest appeared in a Canadian crime drama television series titled Blue Murder for his role as Joey Tamarin in an episode in 2001. Drake had been working on his body lately to make it more ripped.

No, but misogynistic closet cases would beat the shit out of their 'girlfriend' if said girlfriend wasn't getting sexed up and had to get it somewhere else.

Her mother taught her to be comfortable in front of a camera by videotaping her. Chanté continued performing at her school talent shows in eastern suburb of Orleans, where she attended St. One person who noticed her talents was Ottawa DJ Trevor Mason, who sent a tape of Chanté's singing to BMG Canada executive Ivan Berry.

Eight years later when Chanté was 14, Berry called her at home and asked her to sing something into the receiver of the phone.


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