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Alright Honduras, it’s your turn to show off your very own celebrity hunks and hotties!If you’re a proud Honduran (and we know you are) you must be dying to share with others your country’s greatest export, sexy celebs!Venezuelan brides are popular and most western guys want to have one in their lives. They have exclusive features that make them stunning.The beauty of Venezuelan women can be attributed to their roots.Sure, at first glance Colombian women are all hot and you can snatch one that is both smart, caring and sexy, but if “hot” is your prime objective I guarantee you will end up with the gold digger that will only bite your ear for a Visa to America or Europe and require a credit card to stay “fun." You will find the easy sexy latina on various dating sites and just by the bikini photos you can tell what kind of women she is. Most are desperate in solving their economic situation and usually have a young boy they had at a young age.But don't go into it believing she will be the perfect wife.Growing up in Honduras the beauty blossomed on screen to the delight of her many fans.Belibasis has appeared on a variety of television shows like Conrad Faraj Up-and-coming writer and director Conrad Faraj is using his drive to start making a name for himself in the world of movies, and nothing is hotter than a guy with passion!

Maybe it is the blatant display of testosterone, or maybe it’s the propensity for winning, but whatever the reason we’re incredibly attracted to Honduran boxer Eddie Gómez.

Talk about supermodels and beauty queens and very soon you would be discussing Venezuela.

There are many countries famous for their beautiful women but they do not stand in comparison to Venezuelan women.

I would say most foreigners are charmed by the personality of Colombian women.

I only know of Brazilian women to be even more charming and open to foreigners.


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