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It’s true that we’ve seen a real shift in support for the issue and acceptance of homosexuality in general; since 2011, the majority of Americans are in favor of extending marriage to same-sex couples and the trend has continued. The Pew Research Center asked 1,501 respondents whether they’d changed their minds about same-sex marriage and why. The overall trend toward increasing support is clear in the data.Fourteen percent of Americans say that they used to oppose same-sex marriage, but they now support it.This new guide emphasizes sexual health, wellness, and exploration, in addition to risk reduction, and will be a valuable tool for trans-identified individuals across the spectrum, as well as their healthcare providers and other allies.” “Sexual health is a vital part of any inclusive and comprehensive approach to a healthy life,” said HRC’s National Press Secretary Sarah Mc Bride.“Safer Sex for Trans Bodies offers potentially life-saving content for transgender and gender-expansive people who often are denied basic information on their sexual health that all people need to live and thrive.” Ruby Corado of Casa Ruby in Washington, DC offered her support of the guide.I'd lived as a straight man all my life and enjoyed a 50-year marriage with my darling wife, but I always suppressed my desire to be with a guy.So now I'm in the situation of having a reasonably good relationship with my wife and a great, but limited, relationship with a male friend.

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Disclaimer: Survivors of all genders and identities face unique challenges when they – as my social worker would so eloquently put it – are trying to find a normal way to cope with an abnormal circumstance.

This is consistent with the Contact Hypothesis, the idea that (positive) experiences with someone we fear or dislike will result in changes of opinion.

As you can see, lots of other reasons were common, too.

I think my wife suspects that I'm gay, but it's not something we'd talk about. (She'd freak out.) Should I break up with the guy who makes me happy? Even if you were to take your wife to this movie, dressed like the star Christopher Plummer in a tight pullover and jaunty rainbow-print scarf, I'm not sure your wife would voice the obvious conclusion that you've got something to tell her.

Your long marriage sounds as if it is based on affection, respect, abnegation, and elision.


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