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The interview you are about to see does contain some bad language, so if that sort of thing offends you, here's a couple of seconds to switch channels...

My first guest has been described as the world's most famous daughter.

Lisa Marie says, "I have no idea what else may be on those devices and fear that there are more and worse images and evidence in these un-analyzed devices." Authorities found the images after executing a search warrant on Lisa Marie's home.

Sources familiar with the investigation tell us ... of Children and Family Services is conducting an investigation and for now the children will remain in protective custody.

Andrew Denton: Ah, as you were growing up, as you were a teenager though, I can only imagine with the name Presley, that a whole bunch of producers came to you and said come on, let's do an album.

Lisa Marie Presley: Yeah it happened periodically, it did, but it wasn't something that I was ready to do and didn't really have...

'I have never been happier', says the 40-year-old mum-of-four, who also has two teenage children, Riley and Ben, from a previous marriage.

'Michael and I just spend our days staring at them in amazement, absorbing anything and everything they do.' This week's issue, number 1056, contains beautiful pictures of the three-month-old pair at home in LA with Michael and Lisa in the fairytale-themed nursery they decorated with help from Lisa's mum Priscilla Presley.

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Like many famous kids she pushed back, rebelled in her teens, made some dodgy choices, and got her name into the papers for the wrong reasons.

Now in her mid-30s she's ironed her life out and has recently begun a singing career that has brought her success in America and to Australia for her first concert tour, ladies and gentlemen, Lisa Marie Presley.

Andrew Denton: Lisa Marie, welcome to the show and congratulations, the album's gone gold in the States I believe? Andrew Denton: Well done, we're going to see a clip very shortly.

There's also a revealing interview in which she explains how their lives have changed since the double birth and why there will be a music lesson on grandpa Elvis Presley.

Read the full story in the current edition of Hello! Also in the magazine, on sale now, there's an exclusive interview with Billie Piper in which she shares her thoughts on motherhood, marriage and the new Dr Who, plus a full report and fab photos from singer Fergie's lavish Malibu wedding.


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