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Sadly, these spaces are better presented than the women, who are the most overhyped on the planet.

My guess is you think every girl there is a blond bombshell, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. On the elite level you have a smattering of 8s and 9s with a few 7s thrown in. All the girls wear Converse shoes and black stockings with tears in them. You’re their cultural bridge back to that happy time. They aren’t too sarcastic and won’t hit you with the superiority nonsense that you get in Denmark. The sex ratio everywhere is bad, with much more men than women. While Swedish guys don’t approach, they do have extensive social connections that actually make it worse than if they approached a lot instead. According to modern feminist theory, it’s best if a girl bangs a couple dozen bad boys to know what she wants before eventually settling down, but those slutty experiences re-wire her brain in such a way that it can be hard to resist one more go with a bull.

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If you have regular contact with her (e.g., you see her every day in the coffee shop), it’s easier to pull a robbery than a one-off approach on the street or in the club. It’s a social circle driven society on par with Iceland.


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