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The terms can then carry over to your divorce decree.

RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS AND WHERE TO FILE: If the grounds for divorce occurred within the state, divorce may be filed in the county where either party resides.

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Under Maryland Law, you have the right to represent yourself in all legal cases, including divorce.A “limited divorce” authorizes spouses to live in separate homes and get court orders about some financial and custody issues. That means neither spouse can remarry or have sexual relations with another person (that is adultery).Spouses are also prevented from negatively impacting marital property during a limited divorce.However, “separation” and “divorce” have different legal meanings in Maryland and you should try not to confuse them. “Separation” is not the same thing as “divorce.” Separation is just one “ground,” or reason, for divorce in Maryland (explained fully below).Before we move on to the grounds for divorce, it's important to understand that in Maryland, there are two kinds of divorce: “limited divorce” and “absolute divorce.If the grounds for divorce occurred outside of the state, a person must be a resident for at least one year before they can file for a divorce in Maryland.[Based on Maryland Code, Family Law, § 7-101]LEGAL GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE: A divorce may be granted on the following grounds:[Based on Maryland Code, Family Law, § 7-103]LEGAL SEPARATION: A husband and wife may reach an enforceable agreement relating to alimony, support, property rights, or personal rights.Maryland requires that you and your spouse live apart for a year to file on this no-fault ground, and you can't do so until the year is behind you – the time period can't run while you're waiting for your divorce proceedings to unfold.You can negotiate a marital settlement agreement or separation agreement during this time, which is legally binding as a contract.[Based on Maryland Code, Family Law, § 8-101]MEDIATION OR COUNSELING REQUIREMENTS: In a divorce involving children, the parents may be required to attend and educational seminar to educate parents about the effects of divorce on children.[Based on Maryland Code, Family Law, § 7-103.2]PROPERTY DISTRIBUTION: Maryland is an equitable distribution state, meaning that if the spouses can't reach an agreement, the court will divide the marital estate in an equitable, but not necessarily equal, fashion.


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