Massage therapy dating clients

Of course, as massage therapists we do not do psychotherapy.

However, depression has major physiological and anatomical components; it is in this area that massage can truly have a significant and profound effect.

As a rule, it takes more time, effort and money to attract new business than it does to keep it.

Realize, too, that it may take several years to build a thriving massage practice.

You don’t want to commit money toward promotional activities that aren’t attracting enough business to make them worthwhile. You may focus more time on getting new clients when you first launch your massage practice, but you’ll always need to attract new ones too.

Here are some ideas: Try to hand out at least 5 business cards each day Distribute educational massage newsletters in your community Get a website and include it on business cards, newsletters, etc.

Read More For the first time, professional members of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) voted electronically, casting their votes online for the 2008 national election.

There are ways to promote your massage services very inexpensively (like handing out business cards or massage newsletters and any other massage marketing material you might have), while other methods will be more costly (like a Yellow Pages ad).

Taking time to plan your initial marketing campaign is well worth the effort.

Physical pain that is often chronic goes hand in hand with psychological depression.

Often, clients who come for massage for pain relief also suffer from depression.


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