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Obviously, that’s not enough (yes, that is sarcasm), so today I’m doing a round-up review of useful tools for adding CCTV to your own home.

In all seriousness, having your own home surveillance system can be a powerful deterrent to would-be intruders or office workers who tend to pinch your stapler, but I don’t suggest using it to spy on your own family members.

Weather, events and parades are just a few things people might be curious about and want to watch remotely.

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La première vidéo diffuse en direct les images fixes qui sont rafraîchies toutes les minutes sur le site, avec indication automatique de la date et heure précise en haut à droite, et retransmises en léger différé.

However, there exceptions to this rule if your camera is capable of remote-controlled movement.

This isn’t relevant for most webcams, but many IP cameras can perform pan and tilt.

Ainsi est-ce toujours un paysage en retard de cinq minutes qui s'affiche à l’écran.

L'autre vidéo consiste en un montage d'images capturées sur le même site internet.


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