Politics and online dating dating site usage

Instead of watching the NBC Nightly News and drawing your own conclusions from unbiased reporting, you read the blogger who speaks most to you. I’m a big Andrew Sullivan reader – he’s a married, gay, Catholic, British, pro-Obama conservative.

But I think he’s a realist who relies mostly on facts to draw his conclusions – plus, he slightly challenges my Jewish atheist liberal bent.

Even though she’s moderate and largely apolitical, I would likely be looking for other liberals online.

This number has been steadily climbing since the site’s first survey in 2008 and has even shown significant growth since the 2012 survey, when only 17% of Ok Cupid daters reported a requirement for their views to match up with a potential date.

On the other hand, a different study from Match found that 79% of singles using the site didn’t have a problem with dating someone from an opposing political party.

An Ok Cupid survey found that 50% of users said they couldn't date someone with opposing political views.

"Everyone has something that's important to you, like income, education, politics, or even height," says Julie Spira, a Los Angeles-based online dating expert.


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