Problems with updating tomtom one

If you're OK with this, you can continue using our sites.

Tom Tom HOME allows you to have the latest Tom Tom software and enjoy our latest services, make backups of your Tom Tom, easily install maps and services, get free traffic alerts on your computer, and download free services or shop for more.

Worse, the company seems not to care about known problems.

For all of you Tom Tom owners feeling lost out there, come along. Back in 2010, I tried to update my then two-year-old Tom Tom 920.

Internal memory of my Tom Tom is 1 gig, that memory was beginning to become full, so I put in a 2 gig SD card expecting to use the device for a several more years.

To save on memory I wanted to purchase the US only map since I never leave the US, I essentially never leave Colorado.

I am having trouble updating my tomtom one 3rd edition.

I have tried downloading the tomtom home app and it doesn't work. How can I contact the tomtom company directly to get some answers or help?

Web browser popup blockers may also interfere with the update process.

In addition, security and browser settings may prevent you from downloading the updated maps to your computer.

Certain system and network settings may prevent the download of map updates.

They literally cut the life short on my Tom Tom, they should say almost lifetime map updates, or free map updates until we decide to pull the plug in their advertising.

But by cutting out countries I never go to and cutting out POI that I never use, deleting hundreds of voices I never use, etc etc then I had control over deleting such things to save memory and get a much longer life span.


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