Ptsd symptoms after dating a bpd

In the majority of situations, people who are in a strong dysphoric manic episode can be dangerous, aggressive and violent. Many men go to jail because of this behavior when they actually need psychiatric help.

People, both men and women who are mild mannered and kind when well, get super human strength along with the aggression- ripping a sink out of the wall- punching through windows- throwing chairs and other dangerous behavior are not uncommon.

Other symptoms of BPD include impulsive behaviour, intense and unstable interpersonal relationships, unstable self-image, feelings of abandonment and an unstable sense of self.

People with BPD often engage in idealization and devaluation of themselves and of others, alternating between high positive regard and heavy disappointment or dislike.

Families and partners suffer in silence because they are scared to tell anyone about what really goes on at home.

I have violent and HOMMICIDAL thoughts when the dysphoric mania is raging.

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However, there is no reason to assume that a complex organ such as the brain is less susceptible to diseases that affect behavior than are other bodily organs that result in physical symptoms.

This is only an opinion of course, but I’m truly interested to know if you feel the same.

I work with parents and partners of those with bipolar disorder.

Self-harm and suicidal behavior are common and may require inpatient psychiatric care.

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