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This funding has enabled an assessment of the condition of the car and the development of a restoration plan.

New windows have been fabricated and installed to replace the rotting windows so that water damage around the windows has been halted.

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It is extremely rare to find an unrestored, ‘heavyweight-era’ sleeping car interior in such authentic and complete condition, with Pullman berths, folding-berth hardware, seats with Pullman upholstery, and interior fixtures including dressing/bathroom fixtures." In addition to the rarity of the car itself, a Pullman sleeper tells a powerful story of life in America.

There are romantic stories of luxurious passenger travel, economic stories of the growth of commerce made possible by overnight travel, and — most significantly — political stories of the rise of the civil rights movement.

Pullman porters assigned to each car made beds, shined shoes, and served travelers’ needs, but were the respected leaders in their home communities fighting to end segregation.

But there was no mistaking what was hurtling towards you; the glimmer of light would slowly transform into the distinctive streamlined shape of a 'Streak - so sleek and dashing; a thoroughbred racing machine in full flight, rocking and swaying over the points like a wild stallion.

I recall seeing the Class A4s romping through Thirsk station on countless occasions, and I'll never forget the titled trains they hauled: 'The Talisman'; 'The Heart of Midlothian'; 'The Norseman'; the 'Tees-Tyne Pullman'; 'The Aberdonian'; 'The Flying Scotsman' - and, of course, 'The longest scheduled non-stop railway journey in the world…but wait! Driver Mc Cloud has seen a signal check and applies the brakes. The film sequences by cinematographer Billy Williams of 60017 Silver Fox at speed captures the whole drama perfectly, a great film to lift the nation's spirits during the immediate post-war era.


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