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Is a story about Christian faith and human trafficking. Natalie, a reporter who has gotten on the wrong side of human traffickers, and Levi, her husband, have just arrived at their honeymoon suite when Levi steps out on an errand and Natalie is kidnapped for revenge by sex traffickers.

Levi arrives back to an empty honeymoon suite and desperately begins the frustrating search for her rescue.

Their lives are woven together as Levi touches the fringe of each life in his search for Natalie.

Her bold faith and strong character always testify to God’s promises as she endures for the moment, knowing that her faith will have its reward.

Osborne is accused of murdering Ralph Michael Lopez,34, in ...

more After an afternoon of smoking pot, drinking and snorting methamphetamine with her cousin, Savannah Hardy had sex with a man who moments later would be shot to death in his driveway as she watched, Hardy testified Tuesday at the opening of Dustin Lee Osborne's murder trial.

When Requenes-Ibarra pulled into the motel parking lot, officers pulled him over for a traffic violation.

However, they initially released him pending an arrest warrant.

Prosecutor Johua Somers (left) holds evidence Tuesday January 31, 2017 in the 186th State District Court during the murder trial of Dustin Lee Osborne.

“She gave him our address and he came to the pool,” Hardy testified. He was bringing meth,” which she said they snorted.

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Human trafficking is real and extremely profitable, fearlessly preying on children and young adults.

It finds them in their chat rooms, internet interests, and cellphones. Is intended to create awareness to parents and youth of the importance of accountability to their guardian, and to teach guardians the dangers of unsupervised media use, and the biblical wisdom of raising up a child in the way he should go.


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