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Section A has brief guidelines, suitable for Ladybirds and Brownies.

Section B has more detailed explanations on each point, which Guides and Senior Branch members can explore.

This page is particularly designed for our youth members.

The Guidelines for Girls are divided into two sections.

"I thought he was kind and thoughtful and just doing his job in the beginning." But the woman said things evolved from there and he became a "bit too friendly", buying her flowers, asking her out for dinner and giving her a nickname.

Click for more resources which will help to keep your online experience safe.1.

The reason why you shouldn’t give out your personal information to those you don’t know is that you can’t be sure where it will end up, what it will be used for and who may contact you.

He became a list-only MP after stepping down as an electorate MP at the 2014 general election.

In December 2016, John Key announced his intention to resign as prime minister.


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