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I will supplement that with this post about representing sex (gender) in people records. The word 'sex' is not too long, its characters are all Latin, there is no need to "delimit", using lower case is okay, making it plural ('sexes') would be a mistake, and it's not a reserved word. In that case, 'sex' is better if only a physical characteristic matters, but 'gender' is better if you're also taking into account the behaviour, self-identification, and washroom preference. If there are application programs that use the database, what checkboxes are they likely to display?Whether you want to meet girls or guys, college girls or porn stars, Live Jasmin is the place to be.Live Jasmin is one of the largest live sex cam sites available, with amateur performers from all across the globe offering a variety of action and ways to chat.I'm taking a course using SQL for the first time and while following my instructors instructions exactly as he told us to, I keep getting the error that a "column is not allowed here".I created a table called Employee like this: INSERT INTO EMPLOYEE (FNAME, MINIT, LNAME, SSN, BDATE, ADDRESS, SEX, SALARY, SUPERSSN, DNO VALUES ('John', 'B', 'Smith', '123456789', 09-JAN-65, '731 Fondren, Houston, TX', 'M', 30000, '333445555', 5)); INSERT INTO EMPLOYEE (FNAME, MINIT, LNAME, SSN, BDATE, ADDRESS, SEX, SALARY, SUPERSSN, DNO) VALUES ('John', 'B', 'Smith', '123456789', 09-JAN-65, '731 Fondren, Houston, TX', 'M', 30000, '333445555', 5); CREATE TABLE EMPLOYEE (FNAME CHAR(10), MINIT CHAR(1), LNAME CHAR(10), 2 SSN CHAR(9) PRIMARY KEY, BDATE DATE, ADDRESS CHAR(30), SEX CHAR(1), 3 SALARY NUMBER(5), SUPERSSN CHAR(9), DNO NUMBER(1)); Table created.species VARCHAR(20), sex CHAR(1), birth DATE, death DATE); ...Several types of values can be chosen to represent sex in animal records, such as 'm' and 'f', or perhaps 'male' and 'female'.I have to consider the name, the possible values, the data type, and the constraints. However, gender's primary dictionary meaning is as a grammatical category, and it is a far less popular word. If the data must go to some other body (the government, say), do they tell you what the choices are? For pretty well anything that's commonly used to describe a person (age, occupation, income, and of course sex) there will be a standard code list.The German Wikipedia article about "Data standards for description of sex" describes many of them.You'd be amazed how many people with many more years of experience fail to do that. Continuing the small research that I have been doing on the matter of the Varchar(1) & Varchar(2) datatypes usage, I am taking this article to consider the situations when the columns are defined as NOT NULL.


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