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Its glamorous flashy vibe is obvious before you even enter the space, as you take in the beaming Chinese symbol above the door and the red block L-U-C-K-E-E painted across the windows.

This was before the days of food photography and blogging, so I don’t have a photo gallery of the meal, but still, I can remember every course, the tour of the kitchen, our conversations with our server, the nervous-date-butterflies, and the strange Colonel Saunders dolls around the room. The meal, in short, was incredible and sparked love affairs with the two most important things in my life today- my obsession with food and dining, and my now-seven-years-and-strong relationship.

Yes, it was early in the relationship, but I knew that if he was going to feed me like that, I was on board for the long haul.

It seems like I've been only attracting Caucasian men lately.

I'm very open minded, but I still have friends who sort of thinks interracial dating is weird.


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